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Adlee Powertronic Co., Ltd. 愛德利科技股份有限公司

E-vehicle traction module | Motors

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E-Vehicle Traction Module DMC-1000, DMC-1500, DMC-3000, DMC-4000
E-Vehicle Traction Module is including Motor, Driver and CVT.Specification is 48 Vdc, rated power from 1.1Kw to 4Kw and peak torque is form5.5Nm to 9.8Nm. There are suitable for E-Scooter, Golf Car, T
Brushless DC Motors With AC Driver
Innovated Brushless motor   a.
Brushless DC Motors With DC Driver
Brushless DC Motorsare designed with NdFeB magnets to have high power and torque density, and small size structure. It is good for EV, Electric Vehicle and battery
Variable Frequency Drive
Innovated Features A. [New Technology Super Low Noise]   Improve soft/hard
Inverter Duty Motors
Inerter Duty Motorsare designed for optimized performance to run with variable frequency drive. TheInverter Duty Motorshave independent cooling fan to cool down motor. It can operate for wide speed ra
Spindle Motors
Spindle Motorsare V3 class low vibration 3 phase induction AC motor.Spindle motorhas extra low vibration performance. They are specifically designed for grinding machines and low vibration application
IE2 Spindle Motors
E2 Spindle Motors are V3 class low vibration 3 phase induction AC motor. Spindle motor has extra low vibration performance with efficiency is conform to IEC 60034-30 IE2 standard. They are specificall
IE2 V3 blower motors
Adlee offers direct drive high-speed 3 phase induction blower motor styles for cooling, heating, ventilation, air Conditioning, blower and all kinds of air applications. These motors are designed for
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