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Variable Frequency Drive
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model: Variable Frequency Drive
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Update date 2023-05-04 11:34
Innovated Features
  A. [ New Technology Super Low Noise ]

Improve soft/hard ware. optimum waveform. The motor as quiet as running with commercial power.

  B. All Model Equipped With IPM ]

Employ IPM (intelligent power module) for power device. IPM provides numerous advantages such as quiet operation, high efficiency, high torque smoother shaft rotation and improved reliability.

  C. Expansion Of Frequency Range ]

The range of variable frequency has been greatly extended from 0.5HZ-2400HZ. and S curve for smooth ACC/DEC. performance.

  D. Upgrading V/F Characteristic ]

Provide constant torque curve (F1) reduce torque curve (F2) and (F3) for FAN/PUMP drive. adjustable saving energy operation and wide basic voltage setting from 30HZ-2400HZ. Double V/F curve performance.

  E. Enhanced I/O Function ]
  Built-in variable digital/analog input functions and RS-485 communication to suit a wide array of needs, easy to install and convenient humanity operating features.
  F. Compact structure ]

Compact size design make installation easier, it solves space limited problem.

  G. Extended braking resistor available ]

All series with extended braking resistor terminals. It makes machine more reliable in high frequency switching RUN/STOP or High speed/Low speed situation.

  H. Cycle timing function ]

All series are with cycle timing function for special purpose option.
Not only cost down but also using friendly for Timer model replacing general purpose AC drive with PLC.