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Brushless DC Motors With AC Driver
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Product: Hits: 825Brushless DC Motors With AC Driver 
model: Brushless DC Motors With AC Driver
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Updated on 2012-04-13 10:53

Innovated Brushless motor


Minimize EMI and maintenance free. Low noise.

b. Specialized designation to have smoother shaft rotation and improved reliability.

Light weight and compact size. Higher power density, torque density and efficiency than conventional motors.


The structure has an excellent behavior in energy savig during heavy load operation. The high efficiency range is much wider than other motors too.

e. Built-in NTC thermal resistor to prevent over heat problem.

Intelligent drive controller


Available for all control interface, ex. RS 485, direct signal, PLC, HMI.

b. Convenience 220VAC driver power input from 60W. No more 24VDC power supply.

Built-in 24VDC mechanical brake control power.


Real motor speed display and signal output.

e. Panel control is always enabled with removed control or terminal control or RS485 control. Convenience for system set up or maintenance.
f. Excellent speed stability. Open loop and close loop speed control for selection.
g. With 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC and 4~20mA speed analog input.
h. Over current/heat/voltage, Motor lock.